BILLING: Stored Payment Information

What is Stored Payment Information?

This feature allows your Client to enter their payment information and have it securely stored by a PCI Compliant third-party payment processor. This way, they can request that your company handle any of their Invoices, without having to fill out their information and pay the Invoice themselves.

You can send a request to the Client to have them enter the information themselves, or as a Super Admin or Admin you can enter the information in yourself, if authorized by the Client. The process of submitting is secured by bank-level encryption, and afterwards, the payment data is encrypted, held securely, and is not accessible by any Staff Member (including the Super Admin). 

For now, we offer a Card on File feature to store credit card information. We plan to add new payment types such as ACH bank accounts in the future.

IMPORTANT: Configuring a Payment Gateway is required to use this feature.

CLICK HERE to learn about Payment Gateways

How do I request for a Client to store their Payment Information?

Having the Client input the information themselves is the recommended method, as this ensures that you and your Staff Members never see their data.

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Options dropdown menu beside the Client you would like to send a request to, and select Request Payment Info.

A modal will appear in which you will choose the Payment Gateway the card will be associated with.

TIP: You can only have one card on file per Payment Gateway. If you already have a card on file for the selected Gateway, it will be overwritten.

You can customize the message your Client will receive. You'll need to specify how many days the request link is valid before it expires.

What does the Client See?

Your Client will receive an email with a unique link. When clicked, they will be directed to a page in which they can enter their payment information.

This link does not require the Client to log in. They simply fill out the information and click Save Card on File.

You can customize this page as you'd like! More information in the section below.

You can also customize the contents of the Payment Request Email in Email Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Templates

How do I customize my Payment Request?

You can customize the language for your Payment Request page and notifications.

Navigate to Billing > Settings, and click the Payment Info on File tab.

Request Payment Info: This is the text that appears in the page that is linked through the Payment Request email.

Expiration Message: The modal message text that will appear with the Client clicks on an expired link.

Success Page: The content of the page that the Client will be directed to after successfully storing their payment information.

Already Submitted Error Message: The modal message text that will appear if the Client tries to click the link after already submitting their payment information through it.

How do I add the Client's Payment Information?

If the Client authorizes your business to store their payment information, you can add it yourself.

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the  Options dropdown menu beside the Client you would like to add the information for, and select Add Payment Info.

You'll be able to select the Payment Gateway, and enter the credit card information.

How do I charge a card on file?

Once you have been authorized by the Client to charge their card on file, you can do so for an Invoice.

Navigate to Billing > Invoices.

Click the Options dropdown menu of the Invoice you would like to pay, and select Charge Card on File.

A modal will appear with confirmation of the Invoice and charge details. You can choose to send a "Thank you" notification after completion, as well as attach a PDF receipt.

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