Credit Card Vaulting

*Credit Card Vaulting is only available with the Plus Bundle Add-On

What is Credit Card Vaulting?

Credit Card Vaulting allows you to securely "vault" your Contact's credit cards using reliable enterprise-level technologies paired with military grade PGP encryption. You can then easily and securely retrieve the complete credit card number, expiration date and security code. It is 100% PCI Compliant, which means that this feature complies with the technical and operational standards set forth to secure and protect credit card data stored and transmitted. The PCI standards for compliance are provided by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Credit Card Vaulting is similar to Stored Payment Information, in which you can allow your Contact to enter their credit card information and have it securely stored. However, in this case the information is completely independent of the Payment Gateway, and can simply be viewed instead of having to be applied to an Invoice. You can also use this feature for both Prospects and Clients.

You can send a request to the Contact to have them enter the information themselves, or as a Super Admin or Admin you can enter the information in yourself, if authorized by the Client. The process of submitting is secured by bank-level encryption. Then, the information is stored and protected in a third-party token "vault".

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How do I use Credit Card Vaulting?

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Options menu beside the Contact you would like to store credit card information for, and select Credit Card Vault.

A modal will appear in which you can choose to add the information manually, or send a request.

Add Manually

If the Contact authorizes your business to store their payment information, you can add it yourself.

A modal will appear in which you can enter the Contact's credit card information.

Request Card

Having the Contact input the information themselves is the recommended method, as this ensures that you and your Staff Members never see their data.

You can customize the message your Contact will receive. You'll need to specify how many days the request link is valid before it expires.

What does the Contact See?

Your Contact will receive an email with a unique link. When clicked, they will be directed to a page in which they can enter their credit card details.

This link does not require the Contact to log in. They simply fill out the information and click the Save Info button.

You can also customize the contents of the Payment Request Email in Email Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Templates

How do I view a Vaulted Credit Card?

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Options menu button for the Contact, and select Credit Card Vault.

The saved card(s) will be selectable by Label, with part of the card number hidden on the initial view.

Click View to view the full credit card information.

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