Managing your Free Trial

How do I view my Account Details?

To see your Subscription details, navigate to Flyout Menu> Upgrade Now.

Here you can view key information related to your SuiteDash account, as well as upgrade to a paid plan. Click the tabs in the menu located on the left of the screen to switch between sections.

This section will be expanded once you upgrade.

View at-a-glance information about your account.

Used Space: This is the total amount of your allocated storage allotment that you are using. For a Free Trial, you are given the Pinnacle quota (2000GB)

Free Trial Started: The date that you began your Free Trial.

Free Trial Ends: The date that your account will no longer be accessible unless you upgrade your account.

Nuclear Reset Option: This is a hard reset of your account. It will send a request to our team, in which we will completely reset your account to start from scratch. Until the request has been processed, you will continue to have access to your account.

Cancel Free Trial: This option will terminate your account and it will be immediately inaccessible.

Pricing Plans

Upgrade, to a Monthly or Yearly plan with a choice between Start, Thrive, and Pinnacle. You can also choose a Lifetime Plan, which cannot be downgraded once upgraded.

The features and pricing for each Plan Type are outlined here.

CLICK HERE to learn how to upgrade