Upgrade to a Paid Plan

How does pricing work in SuiteDash?

We offer three "tiers": Start, Thrive, and Pinnacle. All customers begin with a Free Trial of the Pinnacle plan, which gives you the ability to experience nearly all of the features SuiteDash offers.

If you want to upgrade to a paid account and do not want to lose any functionality, we recommend upgrading to the Pinnacle tier. Otherwise, you can view an outline of the details of each tier on our Pricing Page.

Additionally, you'll be able to select from three different terms for each of the tiers: Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime.
When upgrading to a Subscription Plan (Monthly/Yearly), you will immediately be charged for the monthly or yearly interval, then billed on the same day each recurring month or year, respectively.
When upgrading to a Lifetime Plan, you will immediately be charged for the full amount as a one-time payment, and will not be on a Subscription Plan.

How do Upgrades/Downgrades work?

Once on a paid plan, you can upgrade or downgrade between different plans and terms.
When you upgrade to a higher (e.g. Start to Thrive) monthly/yearly plan, we take into account the amount you’ve paid already and prorate the upgrade so that you don’t lose anything in the transaction.
When you downgrade to a lower (e.g. Pinnacle to Start) monthly/yearly plan, we prorate the downgrade and add a credit to your account – future monthly/yearly payments will deduct from this credit until it reaches zero.
When changing your plan to Lifetime, there is no proration of amounts already paid – you will always pay the full Lifetime amount at that moment, and then never pay again for access to that plan. If you upgrade to a ‘higher’ Lifetime plan, you will pay the difference between the Lifetime rates.

How do I upgrade to a Paid Plan?

At any time during your Free Trial, you can click Upgrade Now through one of two places in the platform:

The bottom of the main navigation menu

In your Flyout Menu, by clicking on your avatar in the top right-hand corner of your screen

Click the Plans tab.

You can choose between a Start, Thrive, or Pinnacle Plan. Each of these plans has a Monthly and Yearly term, as well as a Lifetime term.

CLICK HERE to learn about Pinnacle

CLICK HERE to learn about Thrive

CLICK HERE to learn about Start

Use the switcher located at the top of the page to switch between the Plans. Each tier has its features outlined.

Once you have decided on a Plan, click the Choose this Plan button. A confirmation dialogue will appear confirming your choice.

You will then be directed to a payment page where you can enter your credit card details and billing address.

Once you're all set, click Upgrade Now. Congratulations!

TIP: You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time (with the exception of the Lifetime Plans; once upgraded you cannot downgrade). If you have any difficulty with this process, please email us directly at support@suitedash.com.