MARKETING: Campaign Templates

Campaign Templates allow you to design emails, and then save them for later use on multiple Campaigns. This lets you create “starting points” that you and your team can use as a base when creating and sending each new Campaign.

To create a new Campaign Template, simply navigate to Marketing > Templates, and then look for the Manage Templates tab. From there, you can click Add Campaign Template

This will open a new page with a form where you can enter the name of the new Template, as well as start building the body content using the included WYSIWYG Visual Editor. Within the Visual Editor, you can choose to work in HTML by clicking the “Source” button in the top-left corner of the toolbar at any time. Clicking the same button again will switch back to the visual editor. 

When done, simply click “Add” to save the new Template. The Template will then be selectable from a drop-down box when you are creating a new Campaign.

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