MARKETING: Email Campaigns

What is an Email Campaign?

In it’s simplest form, a Campaign is a structured email that you design and then schedule to send to certain subscribers/users in your installation. Campaigns can be simple or complex. They can contain text, images, links, etc. They can be sent immediately, or they can be scheduled for a later date/time. They can be sent to one, some, or all Lists in your installation.

Create a new Email Campaign

To create a new Campaign, simply navigate to Marketing > Campaigns, and click Add Campaign.

This will open a new page with a form with several fields to fill out


This is the name of the Campaign, which will appear in your table at Office–>Email Marketing–>Manage Campaigns. Subscribers who receive the email will not see this field.


This is the subject of the Campaign, which is what subscribers will send as the subject line of the email they receive.

From Name

This is what subscribers will see as the “From” name of the email they receive.

From Email

This is what subscribers will see as the “From” email address of the email they receive.

Choosing your Editor

Choose the WYSIWYG Editor if you want to use 'Microsoft Word' like editing experience to create your Campaign. You can also switch to a SOURCE mode and paste in an HTML template that you are bringing from another source.

If you are a more advanced user, and want to use only raw HTML & CSS, then you would choose the Advanced Code Editor.


This will be the actual content of the Campaign. You have the option of building from scratch, or by inserting an existing Campaign Template to use as a starting point from the drop-down selector. With either method, you can use the included WYSIWYG Visual Editor or our Advanced Code Editor to customize the content of the Campaign to fit your needs. Within the Visual Editor, you can choose to work in HTML by clicking the “Source” button in the top-left corner of the toolbar at any time. Clicking the same button again will switch back to the Visual Editor.

When done, you can click “Save Draft” to save the new Campaign and be taken to the next step to access the Sending Settings page. 

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