PROJECTS: Project Profiles

What is a Project Profile?

A Project Profile is mechanism that lets you 'pre-create' a Project so that you can auto-generate a Project using the variables and settings that you have specified in the Project Profile.

The settings presented in Project Profiles are almost identical to what you will see if you create a new Project, and as you might guess, these settings are applied whenever the Project Profile is triggered to generate a new Project.

TIP: Project Profiles & Project Templates are not the same thing. Profiles let you 'pre-create' the Settings/Variables that are applied when a Project is auto-generated. Templates are 'pre-created' Tasks / Phases that are generated inside a Project. Choosing a Project Template to apply is actually one of the settings that is available to you when configuring a Project Profile.

Create a Project Profile

First, use the Primary menu to navigate to Projects > Projects

Then, use the tabs to navigate to Profiles

After you click Add Project Profile, you will be presented with the available options

Simply follow the prompts & help text to create the details for your particular use case.

TIP: The placeholders available to you for the Project Name field help make sure you will have unique and descriptive Project Names as they are auto-generated from incoming Clients.

In the second section, you can assign the Team, Project Leader, and even apply a Project Template so that the Tasks/Phases of the auto-generated Project will be created according to that Template.

CLICK for more information on Project Templates

Where can I use Project Profiles?

The primary place where Project Profiles can be used is during Onboarding type operations.

Intake Forms

Project Profiles can be used in Intake Forms. In the Intake Form settings, if you choose to assign incoming Contacts the role of Client, you'll be presented the option of assigning a Project Profile.

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