OFFICE: Billing Your Clients

Billing your Clients

Sett up the proper payment channels and receive online payments from your Clients.

Payment Gateways

In order to receive online payment from your Client, you will need to set up a Payment Gateway. You can choose from Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, or A Payment Gateway is required to utilize online payments. When a payment is made on the platform your Gateway is what gets the money to you.

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Billing your Client is essential for any business. You can easily create Invoices, which are instantly uploaded to your Client's Dashboard, for them to view and pay. Plugin the Items, Taxes, and Discounts. Set them in your currency of choice and customize them to suit your needs.

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Invoice Generators

If your business regularly sends out the same Invoice to different Clients, Invoice Generators are here to save you time. You can "pre-create" the Invoice and apply them to Clients as needed. This is especially useful for businesses that bill for tiers/packages rather than individual Items.

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Recurring Generators

Let's say your Client is signing up for a continuous service and you would like them to pay every month. With a Recurring Generator, you can automate your Invoices to be sent on a regular basis. The Generator will do the work for you and generate a new Invoice each month for your Client. You can customize the frequency any way you'd like.

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Subscription Plans

Like the idea of Recurring Generators? You can step it up a notch by implementing Subscription Plans into your billing process instead. When a Client is on a Subscription for a continuous service their card is automatically charged instead of them having to pay an Invoice each time. This is convenient for both parties - once it has been triggered everything happens behind the scenes with no additional action required.

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Accumulating Generators

What if you want to send Invoices on a regular schedule like a Recurring Generator but the charge differs with each Invoice? This is where Accumulating Generators come in. The process of having Invoices generated on a set schedule is the same, but you can plug the Items in before each is sent out as needed. Once the Invoice has been generated the variables reset and you can add what you need for the next installment.

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Sometimes it's better to assess the work beforehand to decide on a potential price. If you want to send your Client an Estimate instead of an Invoice you can do that too! An Estimate is basically an unofficial Invoice that a Client must agree to. If the Client approves the Estimate it will automatically convert into an Invoice that they can pay.

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