Notification Center

What is the Notification Center?

The Notification Center lets you view your incoming notifications at a glance. You can view it any time by clicking the icon, located on the upper right-hand side of your screen. If you currently have any Unread Messages, a red badge with the corresponding number will be displayed along with it.

Clicking on the icon will bring out a window listing your Notifications. You can choose to view all Notifications, or filter them by Messages or Project Talk by clicking on the tabs.

Unread notifications will have a blue bar to the left of its icon. To mark a notification as Unread after you have viewed it, you can click the underneath its icon. You can also click mark all as read located to the right of the tabs.

Types of Notifications

Currently, you will receive notifications for Conversations. Clicking on the icon to the right will bring you to the location of the Conversation to interact with it.

For Messages, you will be directed to the Message itself. Normally you would need to navigate to Messages > Inbox, and click on the Message. From here you can Reply, Reply All, or send the Message to the Trash. To learn more about Secure Messaging, click HERE.

For Project Talk, you will be directed to the list of Client Talk conversations for that particular Project. Normally you would need to navigate to Projects > Projects, click on the Project, then click on the Client Talk tab in the top navigation bar. From here you can click on the Conversation, which will give you a text box to post a Reply.

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