Managing Your Account

How do I view my Account Details?

To see your Subscription details, navigate to Flyout Menu> Manage Account.You are able to view key information related to your SuiteDash account.

Used Space: This is the total amount of your allocated storage allotment that you are using.

Next Billing Date: The date that your next subscription payment will be charged.

Amount: The amount that will be charged for your next subscription payment.

Choose your Subscription Plan

Upgrade, downgrade, or switch your plan between Monthly and Yearly.

You can choose between Start, Thrive or Pinnacle, with a choice between a Monthly or Yearly plan for each. The features for each Plan are outlined here.

Billing Information

View your Billing History or change your current payment method.

Change Payment Method: This will bring you to the Payment Method Details screen, in which you can input your updated credit card information.

Billing History: This will open a modal in which you can view your history of subscription payments, as well as view and download a PDF of the invoice.

Cancel your Account

Scroll to the bottom of the page to cancel your account.

Click this button if you want to cancel your subscription and close your account.

IMPORTANT: Payments to SuiteDash are non-refundable. Be sure to use up the time in your current subscription period before cancelling.

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