Managing Your Account

How do I view my Account Details?

To see your Subscription details, navigate to Flyout Menu> Manage Account.

Here you can view and modify key information related to your SuiteDash account. Click the tabs in the menu located on the left of the screen to switch between sections.


View at-a-glance information about your account. You can also modify your billing details, and cancel your account from here (how could you!?).

Used Space: This is the total amount of your allocated storage allotment that you are using.

Next Billing Date: The date that your next subscription payment will be charged.

Amount: The amount that will be charged for your next subscription payment.

You can change your current payment method as billing information in the Billing Overview section.

You can also modify the details that will appear on your Invoices from SuiteDash.

If you've contacted our Help Team and are certain that you would like to cancel your subscription, click  Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page. We're sad to see you go!

IMPORTANT: Payments to SuiteDash are non-refundable. Be sure to use up the time in your current subscription period before cancelling.


Upgrade, downgrade, or switch your current plan between Monthly or Yearly. You can also choose a Lifetime Plan, which cannot be downgraded once upgraded.

The features and pricing for each Plan Type are outlined here.


Here you can select bundles to add on to your Plan for an additional fee.

You can sign up for a Dedicated IP for sending Marketing Campaigns and Autoresponders.

This is identical to the option found in your Marketing Settings.

CLICK HERE to learn about Marketing Settings


You can view or print Invoices for every payment you have made for your SuiteDash account.

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