Form Cannons

What is a Form Cannon?

A Form Cannon is an email that includes a simple link to a Form your recipients can complete without logging in. You can completely pre-configure a Form Cannon to include multiple Forms and your preferences, then when triggered, an email is sent to the Target that includes direct links to complete the Form(s) without them needing to log in.

*Form Cannons are only available with the PLUS Bundle Power-Up

How do I create and send a Form Cannon?

IMPORTANT: You may need to manually enable visibility for both the Main Menu Item & Sub Menu Item for Automations in Custom Menus.

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom Menus

Navigate to Automations > Form Cannons, and click the +Add Form Cannon button.

You will first choose If you want the email to be an Immediate One-Time Send or For use in Automations.

Immediate One-Time Send

Title of Form Cannon: Give you Form Cannon a name.

Recipients: Select one or multiple recipients. Each User will receive a notification that contains a link that is clearly coded to identify them. The unique link identifies the User and the data submitted by each User will be properly added to their profile. 

For use in Automations

Title of Form Cannon: Give your Form Cannon a name.

When you're ready to continue, click the Next button.

You'll now select the Form(s) to send. If you send multiple Forms each one will have its own unique link. Once you have done this you can go forward by clicking Next or go back to Setup by clicking Previous.

Select the following security settings: You have the option to let the Form link expire after a certain number of days. Keeping this unchecked allows the Form link to remain active forever. Another optional setting is a Password. Please keep in mind that the Admin will need to share this password as it will NOT be included in the email notifications from the platform.

Notifications: You can select specific Staff Members or Team(s) to receive a notification when the Form has been completed. Keeping this box unchecked means there will be no notification. 

Once you have finalized your Security settings you can go forward by clicking Next or go back to Form(s) by clicking Previous.

Now it is time to Send your Form Cannon. Fill in your Subject Line. You can also modify the message to your liking as long as you do not remove the message entirely. 

Once you are ready to send click the Send button. 

If in Setup you selected For use in Automations you will see that your Form Cannon is active and ready to go! You can click Done.

If in Setup you selected Immediate One-Time Send you will be alerted that your Form Cannon has been fired (aka the email has been sent).

How do I send a Form Cannon?

You can fire a Form Cannon by triggering it in several different ways, including what is listed above.


To manually trigger a Form Cannon, navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Options menu button (3 dots) beside the Contact you would like to fire a Form Cannon to and select Fire Form Cannon(s).

Select a Form Cannon from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple Cannons to send. Only Form Cannons For use in Automations will show up in the dropdown. 


A Form Cannon can be triggered when your Contact completes a  Kickoff Form or an Update Form.

CLICK HERE to learn about Kickoff Forms

CLICK HERE to learn about Update Forms

Navigate to  Forms and click the +Create Form button.

When prompted, choose either Kickoff Form or Update Form.

You'll be able to choose a Form Cannon from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple Cannons to send.

TIP: In Kickoff Forms, this option will not appear until you select either a Prospect or Client as the Role.

No-Code Automation

A Form Cannon can be fired via the  "Fire Form Cannon(s)" Automation. This Automation is available in most areas of the platform.

CLICK HERE to learn about Automations

Select the Form Cannon from the dropdown menu that you would like to be triggered as part of this Automation set. You can select multiple Cannons.

Adding a Contact

While manually adding a Contact to your CRM, you can set off a Form Cannon.

CLICK HERE to learn about adding Contacts

Navigate to CRM > Contacts, and click the +Add Contact button.

Ensure that you select either Prospect or Client as the Role.

Select a Form Cannon from the dropdown menu. You can choose multiple Cannons to send.

CRM Import

While importing Contacts into your CRM, you can trigger a Form Cannon to fire.

CLICK HERE to learn about Importing Contacts

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Select Import Contacts in the top horizontal menu bar.

Ensure that you select Client or Prospect as the Role.

You'll be able to select a Form Cannon from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple Cannons to send.

How do I manage Form Cannons?

Navigate to Automations > Form Cannons.

Click the Options menu button for the Form Cannon you would like to manage and you will be presented with several options.

Edit: Edit the details and contents of the Form Cannon.

Resend Email: Resend to the same Contacts it sent to previously. This option is only available for Immediate One-Time Send Form Cannons.

Duplicate: Create a copy of the Form Cannon.

Delete: Remove the Form Cannon from the platform. It will NOT be sent if already assigned and triggered via Form or Automation. Note: This cannot be undone.