Start Plan

What is the Start Plan?

The Start Plan is the most basic and affordable plan we offer for SuiteDash.

Start is ideal for a business with a very small customer base, and wants an all-in-one business suite without any frills. You'll have the essentials to run your business, but without the added convenience of automations and some of the more advanced features SuiteDash has to offer.

You can purchase the Start Plan as recurring $19 monthly, recurring $180 yearly, or make a one-time purchase of $970 to have it for LIFE.

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What's included in the Start Plan?

Here's an overview of everything you'll receive with the Start Plan.

CRM & Staff Management

  • Companies & Contacts: You can add an unlimited number of Leads, Prospects and Clients to the platform. Prospects and Clients will each have their own portal that you can customize individually.
  • Company Logic: If you primarily deal with Companies rather than individuals, you can make all your assignments directly to the Company. The Company will be represented by a Primary Contact, and that will be the person who will receive notifications and represent the Company in the Portal. Multiple Companies can be represented by a single Primary Contact.
  • Circles: A powerful mechanism that allows you to group Clients and Prospects for organizational purposes (unbeknownst to the users within them).
  • Events: Preset scheduled reminders to keep track of any planned affairs related to your business. Events will appear in your Calendar.
  • Deals (basic): Helps you keep track of income opportunities for each Client. Advanced features are unavailable.
  • Staff/Teams: You can add an unlimited number of Internal/Staff Roles to the platform. "Teams" is a mechanism similar to Circles, but for Internals.
  • Impersonate Tool: A convenient tool to simulate "logging in" in as another user in the platform, in order to experience the platform almost exactly as they would.

Billing & Time Tracking

  • Payment Gateways: A selection of eCommerce services that process payments. You can configure a Payment Gateway to accept credit cards, or if eligible, ACH bank transfer.
  • Invoices: Virtual billing to your Client. You can charge as a one-time payment or subscription, and can calculate things like taxes and discounts.
  • Estimates: A preliminary Invoice that you can send to your Client. You can set it to automatically convert it into an Invoice when approved..
  • Invoice Generators: Invoices that you can "pre-build" and generate by applying to a Client. You can also create Recurring/Scheduled Generators, as well as Accumulating Generators for when variable billing on a schedule is necessary.
  • Timers: A mechanism you can use to keep track of time spent on something (such as a Task), in which you can then convert into an Invoice in the form of "billable hours".
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: We offer a one-way sync to QuickBooks Online (from SD to QB) for your record-keeping.

Calendar & Appointments

  • Calendar: Your Calendar shows you an overview of your scheduled Appointments, Events, and due Tasks. Every user registered in the platform gets their own Calendar.
  • Appointments: You can create multiple Appointment Types and have the ability to schedule Appointments from their time slot pools.
  • Google Calendar Integration: We offer a one-way sync to Google Calendar (from SD to GC) for your record-keeping.

Project Management

  • Projects: You can create Projects to to plan out, and organize, and track completion of your business objectives.
  • Tasks/Phases: A Task can be a step within a Project, or just just be a job assigned to a user to complete. A Phase is a group of Tasks to break up Projects into more easily tracked segments.
  • Project Generators: You can create a "framework" for a Project which when assigned, will auto-generate the configured variables and settings.
  • Project Templates: Pre-build the Tasks and Phases of a Project, as well as auto-assign users and generate due dates.
  • Work Requests: If it suits your business model, you can have your Client submit work that they would like you to do. Then convert the Request directly to a Project and/or Estimate/Invoice.
  • Client Talk / Team Talk: These are essentially individual Project message boards in which the assigned users can discuss the details. Client Talk is for Clients & Internals; Team Talk is only for Internals.

Files Toolkit

  • File Storage & Sharing: You have your own storage space where you can upload files and share them. Your Prospects and Clients will each have their own space to upload files as well.
  • 100GB Storage: The Start Plan comes with 100GB of storage for any file type, which is ideal for smaller businesses that don't deal with large files.
  • File Transfer: Send files to someone via a secure download link. You can send to anyone, even if they are outside of the platform.
  • File Request: A quick and user-friendly way to request files via email to anyone, even if they are outside of the platform.

Documents & eSign

  • Forms: There are several types of forms you can have your Contacts fill out. Use them to gather/change information, or have your Prospects and Clients self-register into the platform.
  • Documents: Create agreements between you and your Contacts, which can then be digitally signed. Design your own Documents Templates, which can be downloaded and shared via the Template Library.


  • Secure Messaging: All users have the ability to send messages within the platform. You can also enable Convenience Mode, which will include the content of the message in the email notification.
  • Live Chat: Communicate in real-time with Internal users, using both direct messages and group channels.
  • Email Marketing Toolkit: Create, manage, and schedule marketing campaigns. Email Marketing Campaign Templates can also be downloaded and shared via the Template Library.
  • Notification Center: A panel that shows you your incoming notifications at a glance, accessible from anywhere in the platform.
  • Pop-Up Notices: Create temporary messages that will appear to specific users or Roles in the platform.
  • Live Stream: View a history of all events that have occurred within the platform.

White Label

  • Custom URL & Login: Connect your domain to SuiteDash and set your own login URL.
  • Platform Branding: Set your company logo and choose the colors of the platform. Customize the registration page your users will see.
  • Custom Loader: Choose and customize your own loading animation that appears as a page is loading in the platform.
  • Email Branding: White label your email notifications via either Domain Verified Sending or SMTP. You can also customize the colors and footer information of all notification emails.
  • Mobile App: Automatically unlock your very own white label mobile app using "Progressive Web App" technology. Users can install your app onto their device.

Customize Content

  • Portal Pages: Create pages with just about any content (announcements, videos, charts, etc.,) and assign it to any user in the platform. Design your own Portal Page Templates, which can be downloaded and shared via the Template Library.
  • Custom Fields: Make your own special fields which can be used as Placeholders (which automatically populate the correct information for the user), and can also be used in Forms for the user to submit.
  • Translations: Use our Translations tool to not only translate the platform into a different language, but to change specific terminology to better fit the needs of your business.
  • Custom Menus (basics): Tailor the menu to each user by renaming menu items, hiding menu items, and changing the menu item icons. Advanced features are unavailable.
  • Email Templates: Customize the content of almost every email notification that is sent from the platform.
  • Friendly URLs: Change the URL for your links so that they are in a easy-to-read, approachable format.
  • Template Library: Access a repository for pre-built templates for Portal Pages and Documents, both stock and user-created. Additional template types are available in Thrive and Pinnacle.

We also offer a Zapier Integration, in which you can connect many different apps to SuiteDash to accomplish your business needs.

What's NOT included in the Start Plan?

The core functionality of SuiteDash is great - but here's what you're missing out on!

Deals Stages/Pipeline

You can still create  Deals in the Start Plan, however it is a stripped-down version with just the basics. You won't be able to track Deals by their Stages, which means you won't be able to utilize the visual pipeline. You won't have the option for a "Forecast View", and everything will need to be handled manually with no options for automation.

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Our cloud-based Proposals are not available in the Start Plan. These are documents you can use to present an outline that plans every step of a Project to ensure that it meets your Contact's needs. It can be fully customized, sent for eSignature approval, and can even be sent to be signed outside of the platform. You can create and use Proposal Templates to cut out most of the legwork during creation. Proposal Templates can be downloaded and shared via the Template Library.

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Automated sequences we call FLOWs are only available in the Pinnacle Plan. You can set one up for your Contact to have them complete forms, upload/download files, and eSign documents. FLOWs are especially useful for onboarding Prospects and Clients when you need them to complete a mandatory set of steps before using the platform.

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Checklists are available in the Pinnacle Plan and enable you to create simple lists of items that you are wanting a Prospect, Client or Staff Member to complete.  When a Project is too advanced for your requirements, a simple checklist will work as a visual reminder for your user to work through one item at a time. 

Each list item can be individually customized with actions and automation triggers.  

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Trigger/Action Automations

The Actions feature is arguably the most powerful feature in SuiteDash, and it is only available in the Pinnacle Plan. You can create Action chains to automatically accomplish many, many things in the platform. Since Actions are available in most areas of the platform, you can sprinkle them just about anywhere to trigger an entire workflow chain that you would have otherwise had to do manually. You can also create Action Templates with a whole set of Actions already configured before you even assign them.

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Task Dependencies

Tasks have a layer of complexity only available in the Pinnacle Plan. Task Dependency allow you to set specific parameters within the workflow, such as linking the Start Date of one Task with the Due Date of another.

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Folder Generators

Folder Generators are unavailable in the Start Plan, and are handy predefined folder structures you can create for different types of Contacts. You can then automatically generate this structure inside of the Contacts' Shared Folder. It's not just the folders - any files you have in the folders will also be transferred, giving your Contacts instant access.

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While you'll have access to most of the Email Marketing features, Autoresponders are not available in the Start Plan. Drip Campaigns are essential for lead generators, newsletters, nurture campaigns, etc. to keep your customers and potential customers interested, as well. If you can't live without this important marketing feature, we suggest upgrading to Thrive or Pinnacle.

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Advanced Custom Menus

The Start Plan gives you access to Custom Menus which allows you to customize what is already there by default. But if you want to go the extra mile and create your own Menu Items, as well as reorder any Top-Level or Sub-Menu Items, these features are only available by upgrading.

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LMS (Learning Management System)

Our LMS is only available in the Pinnacle Plan. It gives you the tools you need to create educational courses, training programs, and other learning content for both your Contacts and Staff Members. Train new Staff Members, offer courses to customers. It's powerful as it is now - but we are planning even more ways for you to educate your users and track their performance, with quizzes, self-hosted videos, certificates, pricing options, and more.

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Support Tickets

Support Tickets is only available in the Pinnacle Plan. Your own "Help Desk" that you can use to support your Contacts. These inquiries are managed within the Portal by your assigned Staff and can be managed by your Contacts via the Portal & Email or by Email only depending on your preference. Your Contacts can log in to view a history of their requests, and can simply reply directly to the email notification responses they receive to keep the conversation going.

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A  Power-Up is a feature (or set of features) that you can apply to an existing Plan for an additional monthly fee. Power-Ups can be added to any type of Plan, except in the event that the related feature is not available in said Plan. The monthly fee will be charged regardless of the type of term you have for your Plan (Monthly, Yearly, or Life).

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Service Subscriptions

A  Service Subscription is a paid subscription for an "a la carte" service that you can add to an existing Plan for an additional monthly fee.

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