Appointments with Intake Forms

Can I have my Contacts schedule an Appointment while registering?

Yes! If you choose to have your Contacts self-register into the platform via a CRM Intake Form,  you can also have them schedule an Appointment.

This Appointment is made before they even access the platform. The user chooses from an Appointment Type, just as they normally would while scheduling an Appointment within it.

How do I create an Intake Form with a scheduling option?

Navigate to the  Forms menu item, and click  +Create Form.

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You will then be able to choose  CRM Intake Forms. Alternatively, you can click the icon beside the +Create Form button and choose from the dropdown menu.

When choosing either a Prospect or a Client, a section will appear in which you can give the user the option of allowing them to schedule an Appointment while registering.

Under the Appointment Scheduling section, you'll see a toggle to offer the option to schedule an appointment. When enabled, an Appointment field will appear in the field list.

Choose an Appointment Type from the dropdown menu. You will need to have one created and in Active Status in order to choose it.

You can also toggle whether or not scheduling an Appointment is a requirement for submitting the Form.

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You can drag and drop the field to place it in any order in the list, just like any other field.

IMPORTANT: If you set your Appointment Type to Inactive status or delete it, it will automatically be removed from the Form. In addition, any changes you make to the Appointment Type will be reflected in the Form.

What does the Contact See?

While filling out the Intake Form, there will be a button that says Click to schedule an Appointment. Beside this button is the "Add Appointment" message, which you can customize in your Calendar Settings.

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When clicked, a modal will appear in which your Contact can choose their preferred Time Slot.

Once selected, the date and time will show instead of the custom "Add Appointment" message.

Once they register and log into the Portal, they will see the Appointment on their Calendar by navigating to Calendar > My Calendar.

The Staff Member whom is assigned the Appointment Type will also be able to see the Appointment on their Calendar. Both the Staff and Contact can click the Appointment to view more details.

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