FORMS: CRM Intake Forms (Self Registration)

What is an Intake Form?

If you want your prospective Clients to be able to add themselves into your CRM by filling out a form, then Intake Forms is your answer!

The concept behind Intake Forms is that you can post them anywhere on the web, and those who complete the Forms are added into your platform.

Intake Forms cannot be embedded inside the Portal. They are only meant to be used via the non-logged direct link, or by embedding them into a website.

Creating Intake Forms

You can create custom Forms using pre-existing fields, but you can also create Custom Fields on-the-fly during creation.

To get started, navigate to Forms.

By default, there are two Forms already in the list; a registration for for Prospects and Clients, respectively. You can use these right away, or you can build your own custom Form.

To create a new Form, click +Create Form and choose Create a CRM Intake Form in the window. Or, you can use the dropdown arrow to choose this option without an extra step as shown above.

Form Type & Title

Confirm that the Form Type you have chosen is correct, and give your Form a Title.

Form Fields, Validation & Order

Choose a field from the dropdown menu and click +Add Selected Custom Field. You can click and drag each created field to order them the way you'd like. To edit the Name of the field, click the pencil icon. To toggle additional options for the field, click the gear icon. Note: The default fields (First Name, Last Name, and Primary Email) can only be renamed.

Pre-Fill Value will display "example text" if left blank. This is useful if you prefer a particular format; i.e. (xxx)-xxx-xxxx for Phone Number.

Required will make filling the field mandatory before submission.

Hidden will hide the field from the user. Hidden fields can be used to store unseen contact data; i.e. the ID of a user on the website they are submitting the Form from.

Form Actions

Role: You can choose either Client, Prospect or Lead. Any time a Contact complete this Form, they will be entered into your system as the Role you specify here.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Roles

IMPORTANT: When creating an Intake Form for Leads, an email address is required. However, the Lead will not have an account created in your Portal, and will not receive an email from the platform. You can "convert" the Lead to a Prospect or Client later, and that action will create an account for them. If you want an account to be created for this Contact immediately, you should add them as a Prospect or Client.

Coordinator: Choose the Staff Member the Contact will be associated with.

Tags: You can create your own Tags for organizational purposes. Type your desired Tags separated by commas.

Send Welcome Email Automatically: If you check this option, the Contacts that complete this form will immediately be sent an email and can register their account in your system. If you leave this unchecked, you will need to then manually Invite the Contact at a later time according to your needs.

CLICK HERE to read more about inviting Prospects and Clients to the Portal

The additional fields that will appear will differ depending on which Role you choose.

You can also add an additional Action once the Form is completed that will send an Email Notification.

You can choose any number of Contacts or Staff Members to receive the Notification. You can also include  Dynamic Data Placeholders (DDP) to include in the email.

CLICK HERE to learn about DDPs

Using your Custom Form Link and Embedding

In the list of Forms, click the Options dropdown menu for the desired Form and select Link/Embed.

From here you will be able to copy the Direct Link by clicking on it. You can use this link in emails, or link it via a "Register" button on your website. If you want to host the form directly inside of your website or Facebook page, you can use the Embed Code snippet below it.

You can embed the snipped into any HTML source code for a website, Facebook app, and more.

Embed Options allow you to modify the appearance and actions related to this embedded Intake Form.

The pane on the right side of the page shows a preview of what your form will look like.

You can also customize your Success Message that will show once the Form has been submitted.

If you are not satisfied with the default options, you can enable Custom CSS and further modify the styling.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Custom CSS

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