CRM: Intake Forms (Self Registration)

What is an Intake Form?

If you want your prospective clients to be able to add themselves into your CRM by filling out a form, then you will want to get familiar with the Intake Form functionality.

The basic concept behind Intake Forms is that you can post them anywhere on the web, and depending on how the forms and form settings are configured, those who complete the forms are added into your CRM according to the configuration of that particular form.

Options include whether to add the user as a Prospect or a Client, applying an Event Template, adding the user to an Email Marketing List, etc...

Working with Intake Forms

You can create custom forms using pre-existing fields, but you can also create Custom Fields on the fly while you are creating your custom form.

To start, navigate to CRM > Intake Forms

If you're just getting started, you'll find two forms already populating this area. One is the 'Starter' form for Prospects and the other is the 'Starter' form for Clients. You can use these right away, or you can build your own custom form by clicking 'ADD INTAKE FORM'

Create a new Intake Form

From the Intake Forms view, just click ADD INTAKE FORM and you'll be taken to the Create view.

From here you'll name your form. Just use a name that will help you know which form this is.


In the role selection box, you can choose either Client, Prospect or Lead. If you choose Client, then every Contact that completes this form will enter your system with the Client role. If you choose Prospect, then every Contact that completes this form will enter your system with the Prospect role. If you choose Lead, then every Contact that completes this form will enter your system with the Lead role. You can read more about Roles HERE.

ATTN: When creating an Intake Form for Leads, an email address is required. But, be aware that even though an email address is collected, the Lead does not have an account created in your Portal, and will not receive an email from the platform. Later, you can 'Convert' the Lead to a Prospect or Client, and that action will create an account for them. If you do want to have an account created for this Contact immediately, you should add them as a Prospect or Client.

Event Template

Select an Event Template to be applied to every Contact that completes this form. Read more about Event Templates HERE.

Email Marketing List

Select an Email Marketing List to be applied to every Contact that completes this form. Read more about Email Marketing List HERE.

Send Welcome Email Automatically

If you check this option, the Contacts that complete this form will immediately be sent an email and can register their account in your system. If you leave this unchecked, you will need to then manually 'Invite' the Contact at a later time according to your needs. Read more about Invite Now vs. Invite Later HERE.

Using your Custom Form link

Use the Options menu for the desired Form, twirl it down and select Link/Embed.

From there, you will see the Direct Link which you can easily copy.

Many SuiteDash customers will employ this link in emails, or link it via a "Register" button on their website. However, if you want to host the form directly inside your website or Facebook page, you can use the embed code option below.

Embedding your Custom Form

Beneath the Direct Link URL, you will find an Embed Code snippet.

You can embed this snippet into any HTML source code for a website, Facebook App, etc...

Beneath the Embed Link, you will find the Embed Options, which will allow you to modify the appearance and actions related to this embedded Intake Form.

If the options presented are not enough to get your desired result, you can enable Custom CSS and further modify the styling that is sent from our servers via the embed code snippet.

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