My Billing Dashboard

What is the Billing Dashboard?

The Billing Dashboard is an interface where your Client can go to see everything related to their billing, all in one place.

Your Client can view their current Subscriptions, modify their stored payment information, see a total of open Invoices, and more. They can pay pay Invoices, approve Estimates and Proposals, or manage their subscriptions from here.

TIP: Only the Client Role can access the Billing Dashboard, as this is the only Contact Role with billing-related permissions.

How do I view the Billing Dashboard?

Since the Billing Dashboard can only be viewed by Clients, you'll need to Impersonate a Client, or log in as a test Client.

CLICK HERE to learn about Impersonating

Navigate to Billing > Invoices.

Click My Billing in the top navigation menu.


As a personalized touch, the Billing Dashboard will display your Client's avatar, name, Company (if applicable), and list any Subscription Plans they are currently on.

Payment Methods

Your Client will be able to store their payment information, or delete payment information that is on file. 

TIP: Payment information that is associated with an active Subscription cannot be deleted.

CLICK HERE to learn about Stored Payment Information

Open Billing Items

The Dashboard will display any open Invoices, Estimates or Proposals assigned to the Client. Clicking the View button will direct the Client to the respective area in the platform.

CLICK HERE to learn about Estimates

CLICK HERE to learn about Proposals

CLICK HERE to learn about Invoices

Current Subscriptions

Any Subscriptions your Client is actively on will be shown in the Dashboard with an option to manage it.

CLICK HERE to learn about Subscription Plans

Clicking on the Manage Subscription button will open a modal, in which the payment method can be updated

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