FORMS: CRM Update Forms

What is a CRM Update Form?

CRM Update Forms give you a way to collect or update data for Contacts that already exist in your account. 

Unlike Intake Forms, which are tasked with adding new Contacts and data into your CRM, Update Forms help you create mechanisms to update existing information in a Contact's profile, or to add additional information to the Contact's profile.

Update Forms can only be embedded inside the Portal using Portal Pages.

How do I create an Update Form?

To create an Update Form, you'll begin at the Forms primary menu item and then click + Create Form

You'll then be presented with the choice of possible Form Types. You will want to choose CRM Update Forms

Use CRM Update Forms to add or edit an existing Contact's Profile. These forms can be accessed by direct link or they can be embedded inside a Portal Page. These Forms should not be embedded on a publicly available URL because in order for them to work as expected, the platform needs to know which Contact is completing the Form, and this is only possible when the user is logged into your account.

Update Form Title

You should give your Update Form a title. This title is only for you to identify the Form from the others that exist in your account

Creating the Form Fields

Remember that this type of Form will be updating/adding information to Contacts that already exist in your account, therefore you won't necessarily need to add fields like Email, First Name, or Last Name because these are data points that will already exist in the profiles of each Contact in your CRM.

Using Existing Custom Fields: You can select from existing Custom Fields, which would mean that when one of your Contacts completes the Update Form from within the Portal, the data associated with existing Custom Fields will be overwritten with the answers given by that Contact. The new data will then exist in that Contact's profile. If there was no data associated with these existing Custom Fields (the Contact was added before the Custom Field was created), then the Contact's responses to the Update Form will be the new value (instead of no value).

Using New Custom Fields: You can also choose to create new Custom Fields directly from the Create Update Form interface. Just click CREATE CUSTOM FIELD to launch a pop-up form where you will choose the details of the new Custom Field. Since this Custom Field will likely be new for your existing Contacts, their responses to the Update Form will be a new value (instead of no value).

How do I use a CRM Update Form?

The most common way to use an Update Form is to embed it in a Portal Page.

Click the Form ID to automatically COPY it to your clipboard.

You can use this placeholder in any Portal Page and direct the appropriate Contacts to that Portal Page to complete the Form with their responses.

IMPORTANT: To embed the Update Form into the Portal Page, you will just paste the Form placeholder directly into the

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