STAFF: Understanding Internal Roles

ROLES for your Staff / Internal Users

There are several different roles for your Internal users. These roles are generally grouped and referred to as Internal or Staff.

Super Admin: The Super Admin is the user who owns the license for this particular platform account. They have full admin access to the entire platform, along with the ability to manage the license subscription from the Settings > Manage Subscription menu. The Super Admin has the most access of any user, and there is only one Super Admin user per account.

Admin: Admin users have access to the entire platform and can perform nearly any action, with two major exceptions; Admins (or any other user) cannot view or edit the Super Admin's details, and they cannot view or modify anything in the Manage Subscription menu. There can be multiple Admins per account.

Project Manager: A Project Manager has Admin-level access in the Projects and CRM portions of the platform, but limited access elsewhere. For example, a Project Manager has no access to the Billing or Client Pages areas of the platform, nor do they have any access to the Admin Settings menu.

Office Manager: An Office Manager has admin-level access in the Billing and CRM portions of the platform, but limited access elsewhere. For example, a Office Manager has no access to the Projects or Client Pages section of the platform, nor do they have any access to the admin Settings menu.

Teammate: A Teammate is a lower-level user, who primarily has limited access to the Projects menu. Teammates will only be able to access Projects to which they are assigned, and their access within those Projects is also limited (for example, Teammates do not have access to the Client Talk menu within their assigned Projects). Teammates cannot be assigned as the Project Leader.

Salesperson: A Salesperson is a lower-level user with similar access to a Teammate role, in that Salespersons can be assigned to Projects and Tasks within Projects. Additionally, Salespersons have access to many sections of the CRM portion of the platform, including being able to create new Companies, Contacts, Events, and Goals. While a Salesperson can view Company and Contact info, they are only able to edit and/or delete Companies and Contacts that they themselves created.

Freelancer: A Freelancer is nearly identical to a Teammate, with the notable exception being that Freelancers do not have access to the Team Talk menu within their assigned Projects. Their access within Projects beyond that is the same as a Teammate role.

How do I change a Staff Member's Role?

You can only make "up the ladder" changes in permissions. This is necessary because "demoting" will often be impossible if the user was added to assets that would not be visible/available to that user if a lower permissions structure was applied.

Here's how the "ladder" is structured:

  • Super Admin (there can be only one, and that person can't be changed)
  • Admin
  • Project Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Teammate
  • Salesperson
  • Freelancer

So, for example, if you wanted to change a Teammate to a Project Manager, that would be no problem. If you wanted to change a Project Manager to an Admin that would be no problem.

However, you are not able to change an Admin to a Teammate, or a Project Manager to a Teammate. In the case where you are limited by this rule, the only way to accomplish it is to delete the user, and re-add at the lower permission level.

Editing / Deleting Staff Members

To edit, delete, or otherwise modify an existing user in your account, simply click your Profile Pic in the top right to activate the Fly-out Menu and select Manage Staff, and use the Options drop-down next to the desired user.

It is important to note that if you are attempting to delete a user, they will be moved from the main "Staff" tab to the "Restore Staff" tab. To fully delete a user, they will need to be deleted from the "Restore Staff" tab as well.

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