BRANDING: Overview

White Labeling your Portal

White labeling is the process of customizing the portal with your preferred colors, logo, and settings.

Company Settings

Let's start with the basics. This is where you'll add all of the information pertaining to your business. When creating an Invoice, for example, this is where your information and logo are pulled from. You can also configure notification settings regarding users entering the Portal, set privacy controls for Secure Messaging, and can choose to hide the Integrations menu from your Contacts and/or Staff.

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Platform Branding

Next is the fun part - choosing colors of the Portal and uploading your own company logo, both of which will be consistently shown throughout the platform. You can choose a preset theme or dig deep to tweak the colors of every element. Customize the page your users will see while registering into the platform and create a Custom Page Loader animation that appears while a page is loading. This is also where you can enable the Template Library, a repository for pre-built templates, to give you a head start on designing content for your Portal.

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Email Branding

When your users receive notification emails you want them to be coming from your Company. You can do that here via either Domain Verified Sending or SMTP. You can then add your logo, customize the colors, and add your footer information to every notification email.

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Custom URL

It's not truly yours until you can log in with your own custom URL! Before you can customize your login page you'll need to follow this process to create the custom URL that your users will navigate to in order to log in. This URL is persistent throughout Portal use and will be shown for every area of the platform, including any links that are generated (such as Invoices or Proposals).


Custom Login Page

This is where your users will go to log into the Portal, so you'll want to ensure it is fully branded for your company. You can choose between two different layouts and can then set the colors and upload your logo. Set your links, configure your security settings, and upload your App Icon and Favicon for when viewing on a mobile device - as well as enabling your own White Label Mobile App!


Your own Mobile App

When you fully configure your Custom URL and Custom Login page you automatically unlock and enable your very own White Label Mobile app using "Progressive Web App" technology. Users can navigate to your custom URL and install your app onto their devices. It's that simple!

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