CONTRACTS: Contract Templates

What is a Contract Template?

To create a new Contract Template, simply navigate to Billing > Contracts > Templates, and click the ADD button. From there, you will be taken to a page with a few fields to fill out, as well as a setting related to digital signature.

Require Organization Digital Signature

Check this box if you want to require that one of your internal staff (either yourself, or a specific Admin or Office Manager) digitally sign any Contracts that are generated from this Template. After you check this box, a drop-down will appear below this setting, allowing you to choose your desired assigned internal user. After making the selection, an additional set of Signature placeholders will appear on the right-side of the page (next to the placeholders for Client Signature). You can read more about the Digital Signature functionality HERE


The title of the Contract Template will be displayed in the table at Billing –> Contracts –> Templates, and it will also what you will use to identify the Template when selecting it from the drop-down select box when creating a new Contract. Clients will never see the title of a Contract Template (or any details about Contract Templates).


This is the actual content of the Template. It came be simple text, or you can include HTML formatting and/or images, using the visual content editor. When creating a new Contract Template, the body is already filled out with default content, to give you an example of what can be accomplished. This default content can be edited, removed, and otherwise modified to your liking. In addition to standard text, you also have a host of placeholders at your disposal, which you can insert into the Template as well. Wherever placeholders are used in a Template, they will be dynamically replaced with the appropriate info when a new Contract is generated. For example, if you insert the placeholder “[client:full:name]” into a Template, and then generate a Contract using that Template for the client “Bob Smith”, then the placeholder “[client:full:name]” will automatically be replaced with “Bob Smith” ih the final generated Contract. Please find a full list of placeholders that are available for use in Contract Templates below:


When the Template info is filled out to your liking, just click Save. The new Template will then be available to use when generating new Contracts.

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