STAFF: Onboarding and Managing your Staff

Building your Staff

Your Staff consists of your employees and/or business partners. The Roles you assign them to will determine their level of access and authority to modify contents.

How do I add a Staff Member?

To get started, navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Staff.

From here, click the  +Add Staff Member button.

A modal will appear with fields to fill out for your Staff Member.

Choose a Role for your Staff Member and fill out the required information. You can optionally upload an avatar.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Internal Roles

Setting an Hourly Rate

If you would like to set an Hourly Rate to base on for payment to your Staff member, you can set it here. The value that is entered here will automatically be filled for this user whenever they create a new Timer in a Project. If you choose to Set the hourly rate as private, they will not be able to see this value (either in their Profile or when creating a new Timer). This is useful for instances where you are billing Clients a particular amount for a Teammate or Freelancer's work, but don't necessarily want that user to know that billing amount.

Sending the Portal Access Invitation

The Portal Access Invitation contains a link for the Staff Member to activate their account and set their password. If you choose NOT to send this Invite immediately the account will remain Inactive until you do.

How do I manage my Staff Members?

In Flyout Menu > Manage Staff you can click on the Options menu button (3 dots) next to any Staff Member to make changes to their account or to interact with them.

Edit: Update the information that was provided during creation.

Send Message: Send a Message to your Staff Member. This will bring you to the Create New Message page with the recipient already selected.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Secure Messaging

Change Password: You can change the Staff Member's password if they are having trouble accessing the Portal.

Impersonate: This allows you to view the platform as this user would.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Impersonation

Set Inactive: Disable the Staff Member's access to the platform and remove them from any assigned Projects. They will be moved to the Inactive Staff tab.

How do I delete or restore a Staff Member?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Staff > Inactive Staff tab.

Set Active will move the Staff Member back to the STAFF tab. Or, you can Delete the Staff Member to completely remove them from the platform.

IMPORTANT: Once you Delete a Staff Member while Inactive it cannot be undone.