CONTRACTS: Creating and Managing Contracts

What is a Contract?

A Contract is a written agreement between you and the Client. It can be assigned directly to a Contact, or you can apply it to an Invoice, Estimate or Project.  Instead of having it printed for the Client to sign manually, it can be viewed inside the platform and digitally eSigned.

How do I create a Contract?

In order to create a Contract, you must first build a Contract Template to generate it from. A Contract Template is an unassigned Contract in which you draft its contents. If you want to apply the Contract to an Invoice, Estimate or Project, you'll need to have those made too.

CLICK HERE to learn how to create a Contract Template

Once you have your Contract Template built, navigate to Billing > Contracts, and click the +Add Contract button.

Give your Contract a Title. This Title will be visible to the Contact.Choose whether you would like to apply the Contract to an Invoice, Estimate Proposal, Project, or Contact. This determines the information that the Dynamic Data Placeholders used in the Contract Template will generate. 

CLICK HERE to learn about Dynamic Data Placeholders

TIP: Any option you choose will pull the information for the associated (Primary) Client. The options in addition to Contacts are for additional data needed for the Contract. For example, if you Contract references a Project, you would want to choose "Projects" so that it knows which Project to generate the data from.

Click the +Add New Line button to add additional Contracts. Each Line has its own set of fields, so you can make as many unique Contracts as you wish.

Once you are finished, click the Generate Contract(s) button. The Contract(s) will generate and will now be assigned to the appropriate user(s).

How do I Void or Delete a Contract?

You can manage your Contracts at any time by navigating to Billing > Contracts.

Click the Options dropdown menu for a Contract to either View or Mark as Void. If you mark a Contract as Void, it will be removed from the Contact's account and will no longer be valid. The voided Contract will remain in the list for future reference.

IMPORTANT: Once you Void a Contract, it cannot be reversed. You will need to generate a new Contract if you would like to restore it.

Once a Contract has been marked as Void, you can click the Options dropdown menu to Delete it. Note: This cannot be undone.

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