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I've officially joined the Reseller Program! What next?

After you've completed the application process, there will be a new navigation item in your Flyout Menu titled Reseller Dashboard. This is where you will manage your Reseller "Child" Accounts.

To add a new "Child" Customer Account, simply click the +Add Customer button.

A modal will appear in which you can enter the Organization Name, which is the company name of your Child Account. This is for your reference and cannot be seen by the customer. It can be changed at any time.

Choose from a Plan to set up the account.

Free Trial: Create an account with no charge. After 30 days it will automatically be deactivated (you can then choose to upgrade to a paid Plan.)

Pinnacle: This is the highest tier plan. You will be charged $69 immediately upon creation, and will be charged this same subscription fee each month.

Thrive: This is the mid-tier plan. You will be charged $34 immediately upon creation, and will be charged this same subscription fee each month.

Start: This is the lowest tier plan. You will be charged $14 immediately upon creation, and will be charged this same subscription fee each month.

CLICK HERE to learn about Plans

IMPORTANT: If the Start & Thrive Plan options are not available in your Dashboard, you are currently only authorized to resell Pinnacle @ $69/month. To unlock Start & Thrive, you will need to sign the new Reseller Agreement. Please contact us at for more details.

You can also choose to apply a Reseller Profile to speed up the setup process.

CLICK HERE to learn about Reseller Profiles

When you're ready, click the Save button. The new Child Account will now be listed in your Reseller Dashboard.

How do I customize my Customer's account?

You will be the Super Admin of any Customer account you set up. Your Customers will not see have access to things like Manage Subscription, White Label settings, etc.

To access the Customer's account for setup, click the Options menu button and select Impersonate.

While in Impersonate Mode, you are acting as the Super Admin of the "Child" Account. As the Super Admin, you are the only user that has access to the areas of the platform that control branding and customization.

With these Branding options, you can fully brand the platform either to your product brand - or if you're in acting in the capacity of a design shop - to your customer's brand. After you have provided your customer the Admin login, they they won't be able to view these settings (or undo them). All they will see is the branding you have provided for them.

CLICK HERE to learn about Branding

How do I give my Customer access to the account?

IMPORTANT: Before inviting any users to the Child Account portal, it is essential that you complete setup of your Custom URL. Any Portal Access Invitation emails sent before setup will NOT generate correctly.

CLICK HERE to learn about setting up your Custom URL

When you're ready to provide access to your customer, use the Impersonate feature to enter as the Super Admin and navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Staff.

Click the +Add Staff Member button and create a new Admin user, just as you would normally create a Staff Member.

CLICK HERE to learn about creating Staff Members

During creation, you can choose to immediately send the Portal Access Invitation to grant them access to the platform.

You can choose to send them an invitation to the Portal later by clicking the Options menu button and selecting Send Invite.

How do I manage my Child Accounts?

In your Reseller Dashboard, click the Options menu button to manage your Child Account.

Manage Subscription

You can upgrade/downgrade the Plan for your Child account. You can also click Cancel Subscription to render the Child Account Inactive.

An Inactive Child Account cannot be accessed by any user. You can choose to reactivate the account at any time.

Add Power-Ups

You can choose to activate a Power-Up in the Child account to unlock additional features.

You can add the PLUS Bundle Power-Up at this time. Once added, you can deactivate it from this same screen.

CLICK HERE to learn about Power-Ups

Transfer Translations

If you've updated your configured Translations, or forgot to configure a Reseller Profile to include this option, you can still transfer over your configured Translations.

CLICK HERE to learn about Translations (beta)

IMPORTANT: Transferring your Translations will overwrite any existing configurations you already have. This cannot be undone.

Renaming Child Accounts

You can rename your Child Accounts at any time by simply clicking on the name of the Company, and using your cursor and keyboard to change it.

Click anywhere on the screen to save the change.

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