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What is a Reseller Profile?

A Reseller Profile is a framework of pre-built content that you can apply to a new Child Account. It is essentially a shortcut for you as a Reseller, so that you do not have to create the same content over and over again for each Child Account.

Currently, you can transfer:

  • Campaign Templates
  • Document Templates
  • Business Sectors
  • Content Categories
  • Custom Fields

You can also transfer your currently configured Translations! More information in the sections below.

How do I create a Reseller Profile?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Reseller Dashboard.

Click the Reseller Profiles tab in the top navigation bar. Then, click the +Add Reseller Profile button.

Give your Profile a Title. This is for your reference only; no Child Accounts will be able to see this information.

Use the dropdown menu for each category to select the content you would like to use.

CLICK HERE to learn about Marketing Templates

CLICK HERE to learn about Document Templates

CLICK HERE to learn about Business Sectors

CLICK HERE to learn about Content Categories

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom Fields

How do I apply my Translations to a Child Account?

While creating a Reseller Profile, you have the option of copying your entire current Translation set and transferring it over to the Child account.

CLICK HERE to learn about Translations (beta)

Your translation sets between accounts is not "synced". Once the Child account is created using the Reseller Profile, any changes you make in Translation in your account will not be carried over. However, you can make changes directly within the Child accounts.

IMPORTANT: When you enable this option, the current Translation configuration will be applied at the time of creation of the Child account. This will overwrite the Translations that are currently in the account. This cannot be undone.

How do I apply a Reseller Profile to a new Child Account?

Once you have your Reseller Profile set up, click the Customers button in the top navigation bar. Or, navigate to Flyout Menu > Reseller Dashboard.

Click the +Add Customer button.

  In the Customer creation window, you will be able to select a Profile in the Reseller Profile dropdown menu.


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